Brambles Bank

Unlike many of the points on interest to be seen during the crossing, the Brambles Bank, a huge arrow-shaped, bank of mud, gravel and sand in mid-Solent, can only be seen at exceptionally low "spring" tides, usually during the equinoxes of September and March. It is marked by a post (painted "day-glow" orange) which you will see by looking East after passing Calshot Spit. When the tide falls it becomes exposed and looks like a small golden island in the sunlight.

Many an intrepid sailor has landed on the Brambles Bank for a brief hour, and the late Uffa Fox (the world-famous yachtsman and sailing instructor to Prince Charles) and friends used to play a cricket match on it once a year. Many large ships and yachts have grounded on it until the high tide floated them clear.