How to amend/cancel standard bookings

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation we have made temporary changes to the way we process amendments and cancellations.

1. Free Amendments

If your booking is affected by any Covid-19 related restrictions or reason, you can amend it to a future date with no amendment fee. This can be any date in the future and can be changed again free of charge, at your convenience. Fare differences will apply where applicable.

If you know the date(s) you would like to amend your booking to, enter them into the provided fields in the form below. One of our agents will transfer your booking over to the new dates, at the same or similar time(s) to your original booking (subject to availability), and issue you a new e-ticket via email. If there are any fare differences, one of our agents will contact you.


2. Booking Credit

Put your booking on hold with a credit. You will then have until 31 December 2021 to either use your credit or put it towards a future booking, which can be for travel anytime in 2022 (once sailings are made available in our booking system).

Amendment fees will still be waived, but fare differences will apply where applicable.

If you have a booking on hold, and would like to rebook using your credit, please visit our page for using your booking credit.


3. Cancellation

If you’d prefer to simply cancel your booking you can. Any cancellations are subject to our standard T&C’s, which include a cancellation fee of 50% for Saver Ticket bookings*. We are however temporarily granting customers the option to retain any cancellation fees as a credit towards a future booking. 

For example: If you cancel a Saver Ticket booking, you will receive a refund of 50% of your booking balance as normal, and the remaining 50% (cancellation fee) will be credited, to use towards a future booking of your choice (as per option 2).

This temporary change to our cancellation policy was brought in as part of our response to the Covid-19 situation.

Contacting us to make changes

Customers due to travel in the next 48 hrs, please call 02380 019192 for any amendments / cancellations.

If your travel date(s) are 48 hrs or more ahead, please complete the form below.

If you are amending your booking with new travel dates, you will receive your new booking via email. For all other enquiries one of our agents will be in touch. We will action all booking amends, and respond to all requests within 28 days - if this is after your original travel date, your amendment/cancellation options will not be affected.

If you are looking to amend/cancel a Red Funnel Holidays booking, which includes accommodation purchased with your ferry travel, our T&C's may be slightly different. If this applies to you please contact in the first instance.

*Standard Cancellation fees refer to bookings cancelled at least 24 hours prior to departure

Amendment / Cancellation FAQs

What changes have you made to your amends / cancellations policy in response to the situation?

We have temporarily waived all amendment fees relating to Covid-19 affected bookings, so customers are able to move their original travel dates forward to any date in the future, free of charge. Amended dates can also be changed again free of charge if your plans change. Fare differences will apply where applicable. 

In addition, we are offering the option for customers to put their booking on hold as a booking credit. This works much the same as a voucher credit would, allowing you plenty of time to decide when you would like to choose your future travel dates, effectively ensuring that you retain 100% of the value of your booking. At this time, all customers with booking credits will have until 31/12/21 to either use their credit or use it against a future booking for 2022 (once sailings are available in our booking system).

Our cancellation policy has also changed. Under normal circumstances, bookings are subject to a non-refundable cancellation fee of 25% for Flexi Tickets, or 50% for Saver Tickets. However, we are temporarily granting customers the option to retain those cancellation fees as a credit towards a future booking, which can be rolled over into 2021 for travel next year.

We do currently have a large backlog of amend and cancellation requests which are team are working their way through – we will contact customers in due course if any further action is required from them.

None of your suggested options are suitable for me and would cause me significant hardship, how can I escalate my claim?

We understand that under certain circumstances, cancellations where there is no prospect of future travel are necessary. If you feel this applies to you, please email us at with your original booking reference number, and include as much supporting information as possible.

We will review each request on a case by case basis and will respond within 28 days. 

Please note: Our Customer Services team are currently receiving an overwhelming number of enquiries. If your travel date passes before you receive a response, this will not affect your options.

Amendment / Cancellation Form