Covid-19 Holidays FAQs

Please note: From 2 December onwards, a local restriction tier system is in place. Please refer to the local restriction tier guide for your area before planning travel to or from the Isle of Wight, and ensure you comply with the respective rules.

Residents of areas currently classed as Tier 3, should NOT travel to the Isle of Wight for leisure trips at this time.

Holidays Covid-19 FAQs

Will accommodation providers be offering their usual facilities?

Not in all cases. Many businesses will be operating at a reduced capacity, with social distancing measures in place to help keep their guests safe during their stay.

Following government legislation, there are a number of advertised facilities that may be unavailable at this time, including swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs. If you are unsure, and wish to check before making a booking, please contact the accommodation provider directly.