Season Ticket Terms & Conditions

Please read our Season Ticket Terms and conditions.



1. Travel is subject to availability.

2. Season Tickets, Saver Tickets and ID Cards will not be valid if they have been defaced, are illegible, torn or tampered with.

3. Season Tickets and Saver Tickets may not be used in conjunction with any other discount card, or with discounted rates or other special offers and promotions issued by Red Funnel Ferries from time to time.

4. Customers who have mislaid or forgotten to bring an ID Card, Season Ticket or Saver Ticket at the point of travel will be required to pay the normal fare and no refund will be issued against a single or return ticket.

5. No refund will be made in the event of the cancellation or suspension of the Passenger Vehicle Ferry or the Red Jet Hi-Speed service. If the Passenger Vehicle Ferry service is disrupted Season Ticket holders may travel on the Red Jet Hi-Speed service for no extra charge, at Red Funnel’s discretion.

6. Saver Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. For Season Ticket refund information please see point 10 specific to season tickets.

7. Red Funnel Ferries reserves the right to refuse to issue or renew an Identity Card, Season Ticket or book of Saver Tickets.

8. Lost or stolen tickets must be reported immediately to Red Funnel on 02380 248595. A fee of £25 will be charged to replace each lost or stolen Season Ticket.

9. All Season Ticket and Saver Ticket journeys are subject to Red Funnel’s standard terms and conditions of carriage.

10. My Red Funnel Rewards points issued to a customer's My Red Funnel account that have been spent will be taken into account when calculating any refund due.

11. Customers who are signed up to My Red Funnel Rewards at the time they purchase / renew a season ticket or saver ticket will earn My Red Funnel Rewards points against the purchase in line with the terms and conditions of the My Red Funnel Rewards scheme. Corporate season / saver tickets are not eligible to earn Rewards points.

12. My Red Funnel Rewards points cannot be used to pay / part-pay for season tickets or saver tickets.

13. E-tickets cannot be used to travel in lieu of a Season Ticket or Saver Ticket.

Specific to Season Tickets

1. Season Tickets are only to be used by the named cardholder, for the period in which it is valid.

2. A valid Season Ticket must be shown to staff when boarding and on request.

3. Season Tickets for the Passenger Vehicle Ferry service (Southampton/East Cowes route) are only valid for use on this route. Red Jet Season Tickets (Southampton/West Cowes) may be used on both routes.

4. Students wishing to purchase a Student Season Ticket need to present a valid course registration document demonstrating full-time Student status in order to purchase any Season Ticket at the special student concession.

5. All Season Ticket holders will receive a 15% discount on purchases from the Steam Coffee Company and ReFuel, our onboard café restaurant when presenting a valid Season Ticket at the till.

6. Season Tickets are not available to those under 16 years of age.

7. Lost or stolen tickets must be reported immediately to Red Funnel on 02380 248595. A fee of £25 will charged to replace each lost or stolen Season Ticket.

8. Refunds: 7 day and 30 day Season Tickets are non-refundable. A refund will be given on receipt of a valid 6 or 12 month Season Ticket based on the following formula: number of 30-day periods used x current rate + the balance of period in days x current day return rate + an administration charge. The total sum is then deducted from the full purchase price and the balance is refunded. Refunds will be credited to the credit/debit card used unless alternative arrangements are agreed.

If my rewards points are earnt and purchases are refunded, any points earned against the purchase will be debited from the Member’s account. In the event that related points have already been spent, prior to a refund being issued, the charge of the monetary value of the points will be taken into account as part of the refund calculations.   

9. Season Tickets remain the property of Red Funnel Ferries who may renew, cancel or withdraw ID Cards and Season Tickets at any time.

Specific to Corporate Season Tickets

1. On receipt of an official order, and such further information as required, Red Funnel Ferries may issue to a company (The Employer) a Season Ticket for use by an employee nominated by the Employer.

2. The Employer shall be bound and liable for the use of the Season Ticket by an employee.

3. Red Funnel Ferries may cancel the employee’s Season Ticket at any time upon receipt of a written request from the Employer.

4. If an employee should, for any reason whatsoever cease to work for the Employer, the Season Ticket must be returned to the Registered Office of Red Funnel Ferries. The Employer will be responsible for any travel costs incurred.