Abnormal and Wide Load Freight Travel to the Isle of Wight

We understand that sometimes you may need to transport abnormal or wide loads across the Solent. We are able to help following many years experience and can offer you suitable space 7 days a week.

If your vehicle is over 2.55m wide, over 19m long or over 44 tonne gross weight then this is classed as an abnormal or wide load.

If your vehicle is over 44 tonne gross weight, we'll ask you to send us a drawing to confirm axel weights and spacings. The maximum we can ship is 72 tonne with no more than 12 tonne per axel.

Abnormal Load Booking Form

We advise that you contact Island Roads prior to bringing an abnormal load to the Island. They will be able to help you plan your route to avoid any potential problems such as tight spots or road works.