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Compensation Details

If you were affected by the travel disruption on our services between 16-18 March, you may be entitled to compensation as follows:

1.    Eligibility:

  • To claim compensation, please complete this form: Service Disruption Claims.
  • Alternatively, you can call our contact centre at 023 8001 9192.

2.    Pre-Booked Vehicle Ferry Sailings:

  • Passengers pre-booked on affected vehicle ferry sailings will receive vouchers for the inconvenience caused.

3.    Hi-Speed Services:

  • Season ticket holders and customers with tickets booked on our hi-speed services will receive compensatory extensions to their tickets.

4.    Specific Dated Tickets:

  • If you hold specific dated tickets affected during this period, please get in touch with our customer services at [email protected] with details of your disruption.