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Vessel Archive 1901-1920

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PS Queen II) / Mauretania /Corfe Castlepaddle steamer
Registered No:114559
Builders:J. Reid & Co. Glasgow
Entered service:1902
Tonnage:346 tonnes gross
Dimensions:200'3" x 24'1"
Machinery:paddle compound diagonal
Withdrawn:1938 (scrapped 1939)

Originally designed for excursion work, she performed this role for most of her career but modifications were made to make her more versatile and permit the carriage of cars. In 1908 when returning from an excursion she smashed into rocks during a gale and the full extent of the damage was only revealed after she was slipped. In 1914 she served the admiralty in the Mediterranean performing minesweeper duties. After the war she returned to excursion duties.

Company seal
PS Princess Royalpaddle steamer
Registered No:119739
Builders:J. Thornycroft & Co Ltd, Woolston
Entered service:1906
Tonnage:428 tonnes gross
Dimensions:195'6" x 25'1"
Machinery:paddle compound diagonal
Withdrawn:1906 (scrapped 1957)

Most reports say that this vessel was not accepted by the Company because her speed did not meet the contract requirements, but some newspaper reports say that she did represent the Company for 3 weeks!

Company seal
PS Stirling Castlepaddle steamer
Registered No:1069600
Builders:Scott & Co. Kinghorn
Entered service:1907
Tonnage:271 tonnes gross
Dimensions:170'0" x 24'2"
Machinery:paddle simple diagonal
Withdrawn:1916 (lost at sea)

Serving on the Bournemouth route during her short career,  the Stirling Castle was another member of the fleet who represented her country during the First World War. In 1916 whilst performing her mine sweeping duties she was sunk by an explosion just off the West coast of Malta, the cause was unknown. The Stirling Castle was the first war loss for the company.

Company seal
PS Bournemouth Queenpaddle steamer
Registered No:124501
Builders:Ailsa Shipbuilding Co. Troon
Entered service:1908
Tonnage:353 tonnes gross
Dimensions:200'1" x 24'1"
Machinery:paddle compound diagonal
Withdrawn:1957 (scrapped 1957)

The penultimate ship to be built exclusively for excursion work, serving her namesakes route. In the First World War she served as a minesweeper, and in the Second World War she was fitted with anti-air craft guns. After the war she returned to continue her service with Red Funnel until she was scrapped in 1957.

Company seal
PS Lord Elginpaddle steamer
Registered No: 
Builders:Richardson, Duck & Co. Stockton
Entered service:1908
Tonnage:203 tonnes gross
Dimensions:160'0" x 20'0"
Machinery:paddle compound diagonal
Withdrawn:1955 (scrapped 1955)

Lord Elgin started life as a Bournemouth Steam Package Service ship until the company was bought by Red Funnel. In 1910 she was converted to cargo duties and remained a cargo steamer until finally withdrawn in 1955. From 1923 to the end of her service the Lord Elgin had the same captain; Captain Joseph Sewley.

Company seal
PS Princess Marypaddle steamer
Registered No:131780
Builders:Day, Summers & Co. Northam
Entered service:1911
Tonnage:326 tonnes gross
Dimensions:195'2" x 24'1"
Machinery:paddle compound diagonal
Withdrawn:1919 (lost at sea)

The Princess Mary was designed as a general purpose vessel and was occasionally used for summer excursions. Her career was cut short during the First World War when her hull was ripped open after coming into contact with the wreck of HMS Majestic whilst on patrol in the Mediterranean.

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