Everyone loves to visit a zoo, especially if you can get up close and personal with the friendlier animals. At Amazon World you can be introduced to the animals in a keeper talk, walk-through the Lemur and Wallaby enclosures where you can interact with them, or you could meet a Meerkat.



Following a lifetime passion for animals, a visit to the Isle of Wight at just the right time and a journey to the Amazon Basin in South America all led Derek Curtis to bring Amazon World Zoo Park to life in 1990 


Education and conservation are just as important to Amazon World as the animals they care for. Teaching us about the endangered animals of the South American rain forests and being a member of the British and European Zoo Associations, Amazon World participate in international breeding progammes to help safeguard the future of some of the rarest animals in the world. There are over 200 different animals within the zoo and most hail from that area of the world

Around the Zoo Park

  • Largest Zoo on the Island with over 1000 animals across 200 different species from all over the world

  • In the large indoor area Start off exploring the rainforest, look out for Sloths, Macaws, Small Primates and Tortoises amongst the Tropical Plants. Your journey goes from day to night as you make your way into our Twilight Zone, here you'll hunt for Armadillo, Kinkajou, Sloths, Tamandua and Loris!

  • There's plenty of Reptiles to see throughout from Snakes to Crocodiles, Dart Frogs, Lizards and Tortoises to!

  • In the outside area you'll find Flamingos, Ocelot, Tapirs, Capybara, Red Panda, Meerkats, lots of Monkeys and dont forget to look out for their large and powerful Giant Anteaters plus many more!

  • Meet their Ring Tailed Lemurs in the Lemur Walkthrough and Hand feed their Red Necked Wallabies in the Wallaby Walkabout  

At admissions treat yourself to a unique Animal Experience with Meerkats, Tapirs or Armadillos.  Say hello to our Keepers and learn about our Amazing Animals at one of the Daily Feeding Talks. Explore our Museum and delve into our Dino Dig.

Enjoy the Flamingo Shack selling hot and cold snacks, drinks and ice creams.
Head to the Adventurers Café for Hot and Cold Meals, drinks and snacks.

Let off some steam in the jungle themed Monkey Madness soft play area suitable for children aged 1-14yrs or the huge Jurassic Adventure playground, with a special area for under 5s.

And Before you leave treat yourself to a little something from our new Gift shop.

Don't forget to take your free unlimited 7 day return ticket when you arrive at admission!


Amazon World Address: Watery Lane, Nr Arreton, Isle of Wight, PO36 0LX