Watching Waves at Wheelers Bay

myIsleofWight blogger, Philip Bell heads to Wheelers Bay near Ventnor with the family to make the most of a sunny break in the weather and enjoy some old fashioned, simple Isle of Wight sea side fun.

One Sunday a few weeks back there was a break in the rain and a giant burning ball of plasma appeared in the sky. We all took the chance to escape the house and dashed over to Ventnor, more specifically Wheelers Bay.

We parked in the Wheelers Bay Carpark, on Wheelers Bay Road and then walked down the steps to the promenade.

The kids brought scooters so they could wheel along and get some exercise. It was bright and a bit chilly but we had scarves and coats. There were loads of people out walking, exercising, sitting and watching.

The children enjoyed watching the waves smash against the sea defenses. We got soaked from sea spray a few times, which just added to the wonder of it all.

It's the simple things.

Before long, we got peckish and to our delight a little cafe called The Seapot was just opening where we had the most delicious burgers and old fashioned chocolate milkshakes with lumps of ice cream floating on the top and served with paper straws.

Proper old fashioned. Just how we like our Isle of Wight.

Philip Bell Author Photo by Chris Cowley

11 April 2016

By Philip Bell in The locals' blogs