Visit the Amazon on the Isle of Wight

Living in Newchurch we are very close to the Amazon. To be precise, the amazing little piece of Amazon rainforest that is Amazon World Zoo Park. We have visited often over the years and the kids always love it, but we hadn't been for a year so we thought it was worth a visit again. We were not disappointed because they have really developed it and got some fabulous new animals and enclosures.

We always love walking through the jungle section and spotting the exotically colourful birds just flying about, over the ponds full of turtles and terrapins. We watched the cheeky macaw who must spot when visitors put money into the fish feeding machine, because it edges, claw over claw, along the safety barrier around to the machine looking for any fish food that may have been left.

A fabulous new section is all in the dark and indoors, where you get a chance to spot night time creatures such as the slow loris and the sloth. Blink about a million times and you'll miss them as they move so slowly! Outside we were amazed to see they had a baby ocelot that my children loved to watch pouncing on it's mum, practicing hunting techniques. They have some great larger birds such as flamingos and also meerkats and a walk in enclosure where, if your are lucky (or unlucky), lemurs jump on your back!

They have also revamped their playground which is challenging for all ages when the kids come out of the zoo. All in all a brilliant experience, that also includes meet the animal talks and animal feeding, and a cafe. An Island taste of the Amazon without the expense of the flight or insects (that are not safely behind glass)! Your ticket will even get you back in again if you come back within 7 days. Bargain!

Philip Bell Author Photo by Chris Cowley

18 October 2016

By Philip Bell in The locals' blogs