Are you in the 'Isle of Wight Day' book?

I have recently worked with Robin Courage, the High Sheriff of the Isle of Wight, to create and publish a book of photos taken on the inaugural 'Isle of Wight Day' in 2016.

The day is going to be a regular fixture in the Isle of Wight calendar and is about celebrating how unique the Isle of Wight is, the people of the Island and how they can come together for good causes. 

It was an amazing project and I manipulated (moved about into artistic positions) so many photos I almost got snow-blindness. So many faces, and smiles, and waving and bunting! It was a bit like working on a photo album book for your family, only much, much bigger and with photos from all over the Island. As I worked on it and looked at hundreds of photos I realised it truly celebrated the spirit of the Island and showed how people can come together to celebrate together.

Small wonder then that we named the book ‘Celebrating Together’. The book contains 80 pages and over 500 photos taken by Islanders including members of the public and professional photographers, and celebrates the various events that happened on the day.

It has so many people in I lost track in counting. So if you want to find out if you are in the book, then buy a copy and you’ll know you are putting your money towards good causes on the Island because all proceeds go to the High Sheriff’s Trust, which helps deserving causes on the Isle of Wight and will help to fund the next Isle of Wight Day 2017.

Celebrating Together is published by Beachy Books and is priced at £15 and is available from the County Press Shop, ferry terminals and other retailers. If you do have trouble finding the book then contact me at

Philip Bell Author Photo by Chris Cowley

21 March 2017

By Philip Bell in The locals' blogs