Guide to the Best BBQ Beaches

If you can’t get enough of good food and stunning scenery then get down the beach and have a barbecue. The Isle of Wight has some amazing beaches for barbecuing.

Only one beach managed by the Isle of Wight Council permits barbecues and it’s a beautiful one – Red Cliff at Yaverland. There’s a huge expanse of beach at low tide, but very little at high tide so pick your day and time carefully. If you want to be a bit more secretive you can set up in the lowlands of the tumbling lower cliff if you walk down toward the towering red cliffs. But don’t barbecue beneath the cliffs – there have been recent cliff falls.

Sandhard Beach at Yarmouth is only accessible by water taxi or by walking around the spit by Norton Grange. It’s owned and managed by Yarmouth Harbour and there’s a static barbecue area that you can use and it is very hidden and secret – only those in the know know where it is, and now you do too.

The stretch of beach between Gurnard and Gurnard Marsh is well used for barbecues, especially by the youngsters from the Cowes area. It’s pebbly and dotted with large rocks, ideal for sitting on, with a pathway that wends its way from the end of the pathway that is accessed from behind Gurnard Sailing Club. Some of the beach above high tide is owned by the houses that border it – so be mindful of this.

Somebody has built a static barbecue with rocks from the beach at the bottom of Chilton Chine steps –which are uneven and have scaffolding poles for railings. This is not a barbecue adventure for the faint hearted, or anyone with a disability, but the location is absolutely fabulous. You access the path from a small car park to the right of Isle of Wight Pearl. It’s managed by the National Trust who does not encourage barbecues so make sure you take everything home with you and leave this beautiful beach as you found it.

If you have your own boat, or hire one, you could sail around to Scratchells Bay, a hollowed out semi-circular chunk out of the chalk cliffs close to the Needles. This would be an extremely private and secluded barbecue with only the seagulls for company and you’d have to take everything with you. No problem with skinny dipping here. But make sure you check the tide tables first.

Wherever you decide to have your beach barbecue have a fabulous one, and, of course, be careful in the sea and mindful of recycling any debris. Enjoy!

Jo Macaulay

4 July 2017

By Jo Macaulay in Articles