Looking for Crabs at St Helens

It was sunny a few weeks ago and we took my mum out to visit St Helen's for a walk across the Duver, along the prom at St Helens and then onto the National Trust beach at low tide.

My children were keen to look for crabs in the rock pools and we found loads!

It's simple to look for crabs and you don't even need to use crabbing lines and bait! If you simply look around in the rock pools and shoreline, under bladderwrack and stones you will see them easily. My daughter has no squeamishness and waded in and just started to scoop crabs up under the sand to the delight and shrieks of a watching group of children who seemed too scared to pick them up.

You have to be careful and respectful and we only picked them up to put them in a bucket of water to look at them (making sure they were not left in direct sun light and not touching their claws) before gently releasing them again where we found them. If we picked up rocks and found them under we would then replace the rocks, covering the crabs again.

The hours passed without us noticing as we found about 14 green shore crabs. We have also found velvet swimming crab, with flipper-like back claws and red eyes. Hearing the gentle waves lap onto the beach and hearing the children have fun on the beach was a reminder that summer is soon on its way.

A wonderful time rockpooling.

Philip Bell Author Photo by Chris Cowley

26 May 2016

By Philip Bell in The locals' blogs