Don't miss Brighstone Christmas Tree Festival from 7-31 December 2017. This major Island festival celebrates it’s “coming of age” this year with over 200 beautiful “theme decorated” Christmas Trees on display in seven very different locations. In addition, there are the mini trees decorated by the children and there's also the chance to see Santa in the Winter Wonderland - see below for full details. 


Free admission to view the Christmas Trees in the following locations from 7-10 December (10am to 5pm).

  • St Mary's Church, Brighstone
  • Methodist Church, Brighstone
  • The Wilberforce Hall
  • The Three Bishops Pub
  • The Reading Rooms
  • Mottistone Church
  • Isle of Wight Pearl

and then in St Mary's Church, Isle of Wight Pearl and the Methodist Church from 11-31 December 2017.

Click here to view the full festival programme.