The 2019 Isle of Wight Bucket List

And just like that we arrived in 2019 with 365 brand new days to fill.

 How very daunting?!

 Whether you’re one for new years resolutions or maybe you think it’s a load of rubbish, everyone will continue to seek adventure and fun this year, so why not start by booking a trip to the Isle of Wight and ticking these awesome ‘must-do’s’ off the bucket list.

 If you live locally or you’re a visitor to the Isle of Wight, there is so much on offer and some things that you simply must do before leaving! So here it is….. The 2019 Isle of Wight bucket list!!

1. Stay somewhere spectacular or go off-the-grid

The Island is host to tonnes of fabulous accommodations ranging from glamping to luxury hotels and spas. There really is something for everyone, but if you really feel like pushing the boat out then why not invest in some much needed ‘YOU’ time and experience the best of the best with a stay at Haven Hall.  Popular with ‘A’ lister film stars and sports personalities it’s clear to see why this Edwardian dream is the absolute definition of luxury indulgence.

If you’re looking for more down time, then Glamping the Wight Way is the destination for you. Four incredible eco safari tents surrounded by rolling hills, each one fully equipped for a luxurious and calming glamping experience. Imagine waking to a beautiful sunrise pouring in through the bi-folding doors and a gentle mist hovering over the nearby River Yar. By night as the stars close in, enjoy an atmospheric super around the campfire, trying out the Kadai fire pit of course! Make those family memories of toasting marshmallows on the fire, running barefoot through the meadows full of buttercups and enjoying everything nature has to offer, whilst going gently off grid.

2. Walking with the Royals

Did someone say royals? That’s right, while you’re here why not go visit the much-loved summer residence of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, Osborne House! Brush up on your history knowledge and explore the beautiful gardens and of course have a paddle down at the private beach. A great place for children and dogs too (the well-behaved ones). Walking the halls belonging to royals, now that’s certainly got to go on the bucket list.

3. Get adventurous

Now we’re not talking about a hike through the woods here (although you can do that too), we’re talking about coasteering!! A completely unique, exhilarating and unforgettable opportunity to really feel alive! Jumping over rocks, swimming through wave filled gaps and exploring caves just to name a few. Want to release that adrenaline then get booked in!!

4.  Hunt fossils

Come on…you’re on the Isle of Wight, one of the BEST places in Europe to hunt for fossils! Just give it a go, head to Compton Bay to get a head start!

5. Stargazing

The Isle of Wight really is a hot spot for star gazing during a meteor shower! So many beautiful spots around the Island to look up and be mesmerised! Just remember to get your dates accurate and you won’t be disappointed. Check the dates here .

 6. Enjoy flavours

You simply must visit one of the most famous visitor attractions – The Garlic Farm!! A tiny country lane entices you to the farm and into the much loved eaterie. A delicious menu served any time of day, and once you’ve got a taste for it, there’s no going back! Good job you can buy the delicious products to take home with you!

7. Go back in time

Have you ever turned a corner and suddenly entered a completely different era? No..ok you must head to Shanklin Old Village right away. A popular town full of charm. Enjoy a cream tea in an original thatched cottage or stroll along the tree lined parks then po to the village pub for a quick drink. It’s beautiful and something you must experience. While you’re in Shanklin pop to Shanklin Chine, an inspiration to Victorian literary figures.

 8. Landmark Central

You’ll have heard of it, now go see it – The Needles

9. Beach Walk

Of course, this was going to be on there, The Isle of Wight is surrounded by stunning stretches of beach. Whether you are visiting as a family, a couple or solo you can’t go wrong with a trip to one of the many beaches!!

10. Isle of Wight Festival

Ok so it’s one weekend of the year – but it’s not to be missed! Live music, colour, relaxation, funfair, food the list is endless! Even if you go for just one day – the experience is one you’ll enjoy and remember always!

So, there you have it ten ticks to collect! What are you waiting for? Get booking that Isle of Wight holiday now!!