Management Team

The Board of Red Funnel is responsible for the overall Group strategy and the competent management of the affairs of the Group.


  • Chief Executive Officer: Fran Collins
  • Chief Financial Officer: Graham Barnetson
  • Commercial Director: Lee Hudson
  • Operations Director: Leanna Lakes
  • Human Resources Director: Debbie Reed
  • Risk, Safety & Compliance Director: Chris Sibley


  • Chairman: Kevin George
  • Chris Gray
  • Claire Locke
  • Patrick Seely
  • Ceri Richards
  • Michelle Tilley
  • Anne McCartney


  • Head of Marine Operations: Alwyn Rees
  • Head of F&B and Retail Operations: Kay Andrews
  • Head of Shore Operations: Nick Smith
  • Head of Marine Support: Sean Chambers
  • Technical Superintendent (Ferries): Chris Hoadley
  • Operations Manager (Hi-Speed Terminals): Dave Warner
  • F&B Retail Operations Manager: Lewis Grant
  • Operations Manager (Ferry Terminals): Pawel Pudlik
  • Marine Superintendent (Hi-Speed): John Stage
  • Shoreside Catering & Retail Back of House Manager: Tim Fradgley
  • Technical Superintendent (Hi-Speed): Tom Ward


  • Head of Revenue Management: Alexander Strong
  • Head of Marketing & Communications: Donna Gudowski
  • Head of Commercial Retail, Food and Beverage: Oliver Silvester
  • Marketing Manager: Oli Whitehurst
  • Sales Development Manager: Sarah Dawson
  • Freight Travel Centre Manager: Sarah Drackford


  • Head of Projects & Strategic Development: Claire Loon
  • Head of Systems Development: Shaun Bradley
  • Head of IT Operations: Stephen Eyre
  • Head of Risk, Safety & Compliance: Aqeel Hyder
  • Head of Commercial Finance: Sarah Crawford
  • Head of Corporate Finance: George Chandler
  • Procurement Manager: Nick Pullen