Things to do in Totland

Things to do in Totland

So I went on TripAdvisor to see what things they could ‘recommend’ me to do in Totland. I was gonna use their ‘Best of Totland Bay Guide‘, but hilariously, by way of their poor as-the-crow-flies system the majority of things to do were on the mainland! So I decided to give you a more authentic, less voted-for list.

The upcoming list is not arranged in order of importance, I tried to do a sort of loop beginning at the roundabout at the top of The Avenue. It’s not a 100% comprehensive list but I think I’ve got most of the day-to-day stuff that’s available. I’ve also included places to eat and shop, but not where to stay in Totland (bar the YHA and Camping) as that list would be exhaustive. Enjoy.

Things to do in Totland map

1. Enter Totland
As you come from Freshwater or Yarmouth/Colwell you’ll hit Totland at the roundabout here.

2. Totland Recreation Ground
Also known in these parts as ‘The Rec’ – plus it’s the home of Totland Bay Bowling Club

Totland Beach3. Chinese Takeaway
Take it away.

4. Local Shop
For all your grocery needs.

5. Hairdressers
For a haircut on holiday?

6. Free Parking
Small car park, also recycling here.

7. The Chemist
Need some drugs, try here.

8. Totland’s other Local Shop
Small grocery shopping, also sells some beach gear.

9. The Broadway
It’s a Pub that doubles as a Post Office of course!

10. Fish ‘n’ Chips
Why not take your food to the beach (a five minute walk from here).

11. Open Top Bus
Take the sightseeing bus from here. Also regular buses leave from here to the rest of the Island.

12. Totland Roundabout
Choose your direction – to the beach, to the Needles or back home..

13. Broadway Garage
For fuel, or if you get mechanical problems with your vehicle.

14. Sledging spot
If you’re here when it snows. I sledged here in my youth, quite steep – don’t forget to bail.

Totland to Alum Bay15. The Turfwalk
Overlooking Totland Bay, a great spot for a picnic or similar. Also the event ‘Art on the Turfwalk’ is held here every summer.

16. Totland Beach
Part stone and shingle, part golden brown sand – particularly beautiful when the tide is far out and there’s nobody around.

17. Totland Pier Cafe
At the base of the now being renovated Totland Pier, grab some grub here.

18. Classic Pier & Sunset Shot
If the sun is setting and you want to snap it, this is one of the default places to shoot from.

19. Fishing Spot
Fishing is often carried out anywhere along the sea wall here. Also crabbing occurs in this area too.

20. Walk to Colwell
Along the sea wall, scenic exercise for you.

21. Colwell
Reach neighbouring Colwell Beach by walking here from Totland Pier.

22. Free Beach Parking
Parking for the Beach and for the Restaurant / Bar ‘The Waterfront’.

23. The Waterfront
One of the best locations for a social drink on the Island. Sunny Sunday afternoons with their live music is pretty special too.

24. Sunbathing
The further along the beach you go, the better your chance of peace and quiet when worshipping the sun.

25. Beach walk to Alum Bay
Alum Bay is accessible directly from Totland beach, but make sure the tide is right out and prepare for a bit of rock climbing. No high heels. Should take around an hour.

Walkers at Alum Bay by Simon Haytack on Flickr26. Youth Hostel
YHA in the backwater of Totland.

27. Camping
Campsite for tents and caravans too.

28. The Highdown
A Traditional Pub with a nice garden for kids.

29. Walk – Tennyson Downs
One of many access points to the majestic Tennyson Downs.

30. Tennyson’s Monument
It is what it says on the tin. Get up there, take a deep breathe and maybe a picnic blanket and a camera, this is what awaits.

31. Tennyson Downs
They used to play golf here you know. Stunning chalk cliff downs. Walk off a lunch here with friends, nice.

32. Warren Farm
The Cream Tea here is spot on. You can access the farm from the road or walkers can take the bridleway from the Downs above.

33. The Needles Pleasure Park
Very popular and well known tourist spot. Plenty for the kids to do here. I’d recommend a ride on the chairlift to the beach below.

34. Coloured Sand at Alum Bay
See the world famous coloured sands, a geologically fascinating place. Also catch the boat tour from here.

35. Fishing Spot
I’ve heard that this is a good fishing area, but wait until the tourists have gone home for the day first.

36. Boat trip round the Needles
I think this is a must do if you’re visiting Totland. Get up close and personal to the iconic landmarks.

37. The Needles Lighthouse
You can see it from afar, but is quite a sight from the boat tour. Nobody lives there now of course.

38. Keep Walking
If you’ve got the legs you might like to walk all the way to the Old Battery, again it’s all very scenic. Don’t worry there’s also a bus service.

Headon Warren by LostAJ on Flickr39. The Needles Battery
Take in a bit of National Trust knowledge in this historically significant area.

40. Headon Warren
My favourite place on the whole of the Isle of Wight. You’ll see why when you come here, read our AtoZ guide. And I also blogged about it previously.

41. Photo Spot
A wonderful 360 degree photo opportunity.

42. Walk – Headon Warren
Even if you’re not a keen walker, try this. Take 2-3 hours out of your holiday for it.

43. Picnic Spot
Bit of an insider tip for you here – on a warm, still day, take a blanket and a hamper and have a picnic here.

44. Classic Lighthouse Shot
A brilliant place to get the one of those classic Needles Lighthouse shots.

So there you have it. 44 things that Totland has to offer – do let me know if you think I’ve missed anything won’t you, and for increased interactivity why not view my Googlemap version here.