They Call It Mellow Wellow…

They Call It Mellow Wellow…

The UK government are promoting ‘Staycation’s’ this summer, advertising our country and even offering some financial incentives to leave your passport in the drawer and holiday within our borders.

Well we’ve been taking that premise a bit further for a few years now and ‘Staycationing’ within our own IOW borders. We like hundreds of fellow Islanders enjoy finding a nice isolated campsite and setting up for the weekend (more about that in later months), but every now and again an opportunity to stay in a self catering property comes up.

Regulars to my blogs will know all about last year’s trip to Niton.

This year something different came up. We were giving up the congestion and urban sprawl of Niton to find somewhere a little less lively…….

highfield loungeWhen I was a child I got invited to Highfield House in Wellow because it was where my school friend lived and he was having his Birthday Party there. Sorry Bry but I can’t really remember much about the party, (I probably pinched someone else’s pineapple and cheese on a stick and cheated at pass the parcel) but I do remember your house. It looked stunning, surrounded by fields and perched glamorously on top of a hill. The decor, design and fittings were just like something from the future. Now granted I was a bit wet behind the ears, I myself lived in a house that you could blow rings in the air because it was so cold, and the larder was the most spacious room in the house, but the melamine floor, on sweets and shiny plank floors were impressive at yours’ none the less.

Now 20 years or so on the mezzanine floors, en-suite and wooden flooring are still eye-catching. The owners, still Bry’s Mum and Dad, have updated accordingly and added some exquisite new features to make it ideal for families looking for a self catering holiday. The highlight clearly being the beautiful and expansive conservatory which leads out onto decking and has fantastic views over to the Downs and Brighstone forest which makes every mealtime or group get together a wonderfully relaxed experience.highfield staircase

Even the children managed to find something to intrigue them, like the internal wrought iron staircase, the roomy showers and the horses in the field behind the house.

So situated in Wellow, what is there to do? There’s a Post Office. Um… a Women’s Institute. Did I mention the Post Office and that it’s open 4 hours a week? There’s a road running through the entire length of the village (not sure if it’s actually big enough to be a village?).

highfield viewThis is the IOW of folklore, where people’s of distant lands believe we still drive horse and carts, have a population density of 1 per sq mile and use donkeys to power electricity. Well almost.

This is the holiday that you don’t need a holiday to get over. This is the holiday where the kids get some open space and fresh air. This is the holiday that takes you away from the rat race, in mind as well as body. If you do need a little stimulating Yarmouth is a 5 minute drive away with its boutique shops, eateries, castle and outdoor areas. There is a family pub 2 minutes in the other direction. There are walks of every variety on your doorstep, including ‘Wellow’ on the Wight Green line. To be honest this being the IOW you’re less than half an hour from anywhere else on the Island anyway.

If you need to unwind this is the ‘Staycation’ for you, but don’t forget to bring your passport to the ferry terminal.