The sunniest place in the UK!

The sunniest place in the UK!

The Halifax carried out a study last year looking at factors affecting quality of life. It found that the sunniest place in the UK is the Isle of Wight. Apparently we enjoy an average of 37.4 hours of sunshine a week. The national average being 29.7 hours.

In fact we even benefit from a micro climate likened to a Mediterranean climate. Ventnor is at the south of the Isle of Wight protected by St. Boniface Down – the highest point on the Island, creating a microclimate. Nestling in the microclimate of The Undercliff, is Ventnor Botanic Garden where you can find a subtropical and exotic plant collection.  Plants which would normally be found in protected glasshouses thrive and naturalise in geographical plantings based on the Mediterranean zones of the world, including Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

The Met Office weather station at Ventnor Park currently holds the English record for the warmest nights for the months of May, June and July.

Do be aware however that towards the southern most point of the Isle of Wight, Chale and Blackgang are places that can be susceptible to fog, usually through the spring, and early summer months. I have been caught out myself at times on a lovely sunny day walking up to the Pepperpot to enjoy the beautiful views across the Island only to find myself sitting in mist.

My favourite side of the Island is the west however, the amount of times we seem to be benefiting from a sunny clear day yet the mainland has a large cloud covering it. One local theory is that bad weather coming up the English Channel from the west is split by the Needles, and the worse weather carries on to Lymington, Southampton, Portsmouth and then along the remainder of the south coast, with the better weather coming over the Isle of Wight.

Either way the odds are in our favour for enjoying the sunniest weather in the UK.