The Island state of mind… welcome to the endless summer

The Island state of mind… welcome to the endless summer

So March whizzed past in a blur of Scurry-tastic fun, eating a seriously well stocked hamper courtesy of our lovely friends and high drama at the end as one of the riders took a nasty tumble. It was our first family venture to the event and was a huge hit with lots of excitement as riderless horses careered in every direction.

Then it was April and Mother’s Day was upon us – so a surprise lunch at my favourite pub The Taverners was in order. As usual the food was delicious, service great, kids menu and colouring a given. The Wife and I both plumped for the homemade pies as they are a must when at the pub, though the DIY chip buttie always tempts.


Then the sun starts to shine and we are all transported out of winter and straight into that mental state that only the Island offers – the endless summer. The weekend started with a long dog walk along Brook beach – just me and the dogs. Eadie always calls this our beach – and she genuinely thinks that we own it, as we are so often there alone or sharing a sausage over the beach barbie with the West Wight Weekenders.

Later, after a spot of gardening, the sun was shining, the barbie was lit and the music went on. The afternoon was filled with the sounds of people calling in to enjoy the sunshine and take in the view down to Brook. The first of many such hazy days I’m sure.

I think it’s time to get the boat back in action and start exploring the coast some more…