Mrs B goes to Bootcamp

Mrs B goes to Bootcamp

Ever since I was a nipper, grannie has been trying to teach me to knit. The results have been, er, well, – sad. You know how some people just don’t have green fingers? Well , despite my crafty leanings, I just don’t appear to have woolly ones.

Then the other day Auntie B drew my attention to the intriguingly titled Yarnstorm Bootcamp, about to hit the Island. Not many people know this but I’m one country gel who was quite a rebel in my time. The Bootcamp, billed as ‘A Fluffy Fest of Sneaky Stitching, Graffiti Knitting and Woolly Mayhem of a Crochet Kind’, sounds right up my street. I had to learn more, (despite Mr B rolling his eyes and mumbling something about not wanting a cardigan)….

The head honcho at the Bootcamp will be one Deadly Knitshade who describes herself as ‘a lone wool-hungry wolf whose knits aren’t content with lurking in the shadows of conventional knitting. They don’t stand under the woolly umbrella of quiet stitching at home in front of the TV. They do not smell of mothballs or Werther’s Originals. They do not hide in department store basements or charity shop bargain bins’. Now that’s my kind of craftiness!

The YEA! (Yarnstorm Educational Academy) HQ will be popping up in Ventnor to host the Yarnstorm Bootcamp, a residential course happening over the weekend of October 19/20/21. I did have a quiet word and was assured that no press-ups, jumping into pools of mud or route marches would be required.

Now all I’ve got to do is find my vintage ‘landgirl’ outfit. Well, you didn’t think I was going in a fleece did you?

Details of The Yarnstorm Bootcamp can be found on: or call 01983856979