Lovin Island livin… whatever the weather

Lovin Island livin… whatever the weather

We are experiencing a very varied climate this summer here on the Island. Though one thing you can always rely on is that the weather here will do exactly the opposite to whatever the weatherman says it will do. So that means that most days the clouds roll by but the forecast rain saves itself mainly for the night and the beaches are definitely still in the game.

So the other morning, we optimistically set out – in spite of the forecast sunshine – armed with sausage sandwiches and our nets and buckets to go ‘treasure’ hunting on the beaches along the Island’s south coast. We had decided to go and discover a hitherto unexplored Chine called Shepherds, a short drive along the Military Road. Once we navigated our way down the wending chine we came out onto a pebbled beach strewn with large smooth seaworn slabs – which the girls took no time at all to claim as their own for their special netting mission.

Unfortunately, true to form, the ‘forecast’ sunshine was a non starter and it started to rain –but that didn’t deter us from enjoying a good hour of extremely complicated net and stone activity right on the waters edge.

With wellies full of water we headed home and deciding to take our own advice, looked to the Rainy Day Guide, and headed off to Chessell Pottery for a cream tea and a spot of painting. The cream tea was fabulous with towering homemade scones, in plain, cheese, fruit and even cherry varieties. The cream was rich, the tea refreshing and the hot chocolate smooth and creamy.

Feeling somewhat stuffed we watched for a while, while the Wife decorated a rather stunning Bridgewater style salad bowl as a gift to some recently wed friends. The pottery is currently running a Pirates and Princesses theme with all sorts of wonders to be decorated and of course apart from the stunning food on offer in the café – the shop is the perfect place to lose time… and money… looking at all the fantastic old fashioned toys, pottery and Island flavoured gifts.

Apparently the Wife never shops anywhere else for all the many ‘friends’ parties the girls have each year – so we really our very lucky to have such a splendid treasure right on our doorstep.

So looking ahead to our upcoming summer holiday next week – staycating here on the Island – I aim to scan accweather to see what the weather man says is in store, happy in the knowledge that he will undoubtedly be wrong, and sure that we will have many adventures regardless.