Jamie Oliver’s Great Britain…West Wight edition!

Jamie Oliver’s Great Britain…West Wight edition!

Blimey here I am on the Western side of the Isle of Wight, an area of England really embracing locally sourced and natural ingredients and combining them with a number of exciting individuals and a few fresh ideas to create some really top nosh.

So I was taking a ball of chalk down the Yar estuary when I ‘appened across Huck, with his stick and twine fishing rod dangling in the river. A ninth generation Isle of Wighter, Huck has been catching his own nammit as far back as he can remember. Luckily for him he caught a really nice Bream, luckily for me it came out of the water with an accompanying lemon coulis so I only had to pop into the nearby copse to find a bit of seasoning, delish!

However if you’re not lucky enough to bump into Huck, I can recommend a fantastic seafood meal at Salty’s in Yarmouth or to take home to your own kitchen, ‘Fish’ out of Cowes is a great fresh fish shop that also has a section in the brilliant Dairy Deli farm shop at Shalfleet.

Anyway the very next day I decided to visit the rub a dub so I went up the hill to the Highdown Inn, where I met this geezer called Paul. Paul took me further up the hill to a place known as Tennyson Down where we snared ourselves a rabbit. I’d brought me wok with me so I chucked in the rabbit with a couple of glugs of oil, added some light ale and a few Golden Hill  blackberries and I got myself a lead infused Tennyson Rabbit Stew , luvly jubbly!

But if you aint got a bit of Ray Mears in you like me you could just stay in the Highdown and sample some quality home cooked meals, so fresh the rabbit on your plate still has the startled look on its face. Meanwhile the dog gets to sleep in front of a roaring fire. Or for some proper top tucker you can visit the Real Island Food Company who link a whole range of Island meat suppliers and also have their own butchers shop in Niton.

For our last night on this little holiday paradise, me Jules and the dustbin lids thought we’d have a beach barbeque. We had an afternoon forage through the woods inspired menu; ‘foraging kebab’ and’ red sqwuirrel burgers’ (dear squirrelist, this is obviously a joke used purely for the squirrel’s indigenous  association with the IOW. If I was really gonna make me own burgers at a bbq I’d use a cat or something). But for those who don’t want to risk the wrath of PETA or the RSPCA or The Ramblers Association you could always grab a take away. Corries Cabin in Cowes is my favourite chippie and I love The Rainbow Fish Bar in Freshwater, both do a fantastic piece of locally sourced Norwegian cod but I always go for pie and chips. Pukka. Obviously.

Well I’ve had a diamond time here on the Island.  I’ve enjoyed myself so much I think I’m gonna come back in the spring to film my new TV show,’ Prisoners Bake Buns’. Sorted.

Isle of Wight cuisine is the new black.