Hidden treasures near Wootton Bridge

Hidden treasures near Wootton Bridge

Being a newby to the Island I’m not very familiar with the Ryde side of the Island. It being the season for friends to visit we ventured over to the lovely Wootton Bridge to catch up over a dog walk.

Tyler Walking in Wootton Firestone Copse was a beautiful woodland to stroll around with stunning views of Millpond. The walks are only 1- 2 miles so not very long, but if your sense of direction is anything like mine you can easily double it by walking around in circles.

To refuel afterwards we headed over to Quarr Abbey, a place I had always been advised to visit and never really appreciated what I was missing out on.

A large and breathtakingly beautiful red brick monastery that is home to a small group of Benedictine monks. Bindery is a long and proud tradition of monastic craftsmanship which they still carry out here and rumour has it is where the Vatican send their books to get bound still.

The place has an amazing sense of calm about it, even the springer spaniel seemed slightly sedate, but this could have been due to the fear of the very adorable pigs that great you on the way.

The Abbey is breath taking and you honestly have no idea how this sized building can be so quietly stashed away on this Island and not be one of the main attractions…..or have I just been previously ill informed?

They have a very cute café that serves a lovely lunch, we sat in a garden booth, due to our muddyQuarr Abbey Cafe canine friends and were defeated by the generous potions they provided. Even the dogs were given some tasty homemade oatmeal cookies which I couldn’t help nibbling on myself… date or not they were yummy!

My pictures did not do this beautiful location justice so please visit their website and put on your list of places to pop along to for coffee or lunch on a clear day when you can appreciate the building and gardens in all their glory.