Good Business Awards – Epic Win

Good Business Awards – Epic Win

Well folks, we’re stoked to have won the Innovation in Fashion category at the 2011 RSPCA Good Business Awards.

We were given the Innovation award for our use of QR codes (a type of bar code) on product labels. You might have noticed them if you’ve shopped from us online or seen our stuff in a store; it allows customers can scan the tag using a smart phone to view interactive traceability information about the origins of the raw materials in the garment.

We also got a nod for our eco labelling for clothing proposal, which is on its way to the EU.

The judges described the idea as ‘game changing’

It’s been a big year for Rapanui, the launch of our 2011 collection and some new ideas we’d been storing up are starting to make a few waves. It’s a satisfying thing to win these sorts of things, especially from organisations like the RSPCA and A-list designer judges, who are so well respected.

More importantly though these events always bring home the reasons why we do what we do – It’s about making a contribution to sustainability, society and the environment – things we care about.

Wayne Hemmingway, design superstar, said “Rapanui’s ideas are truly innovative. People will see what they are doing and try to copy them.” And that is a great thing: If everyone can trace their clothes using our map idea, or shop quickly with a conscience using an independent Eco-labelling system that we dreamed up one day at Rapanui HQ, wouldn’t the world be a better place?

So whilst we cling on tight these Awards personally, we also know that one day we will have to let go of the ideas that earned them – so that we can all share in the results. We should share sustainability, not hoard it -  The fact that we can do this, and still survive, says a lot about our customers, the real heroes in this story who have all the while buying our products and propping us up on that journey.

If you’re one of those people, Cheers. We had a beer on you last night.

The Rapanui Team

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