Festy Bye Bye

Festy Bye Bye

I’ve only now dried out enough to approach the keyboard without risk of electrocution and so it’s time to say That Was The Weekend That Was, and my wasn’t it busy.

Molly was off working in the marvellous KidZone and I was in The Hive with an army of wonderful folks working their socks off (but keeping their wellies on) for bee conservation projects under the Let It Bee banner. Thursday to Saturday was just glorious in true IOW Festival tradition, and Sunday, well Sunday was glorious in a different way, in that Flanders and Swann kind of way.

I didn’t actually get to see much music what with all the toing and froing but I did make absolutely sure I got as close as I possibly could  for the legendary Jeff Beck.

It wasn’t hard to elbow through the sopping puddle of humanity huddling in the early afternoon fog, they’d simply lost the fight by then BUT every one of those wilting hearts was electrified back into beating life as soon as the great man jabbed his bionic thumb across the strings.  Someone said that being there and hearing him play Little Wing was as close as most of us would ever be to Hendrix and that I think pretty much summed it up.

And then back through the mud to talk about bees and marvel at the rising mud.

But it was marvellous, and it is marvellous, and it puts the Island on the map for all the right reasons.

Now if next year an offer of mainstage billing and backstage pampery would just tempt Oceansize to reform I could die happy.