Messing about on the River Clapham Boy 1

Messing about on the River Clapham Boy 1

“I’d been looking forward to sailing at the Yarmouth Sailing Club with my cousin Bethan in the Easter holidays for ages. I’ve been before and we always have fun; the teachers are a laugh and the Yar is not too rough.

Bethan got stuck on her way back from holiday in Egypt and her Mum had to drive through the night from Manchester Airport to make it for launching at 11am. Bethan walked off the ferry and onto the club jetty just in time.

There were 8 in my group – most were 11 years old like me. On the first day we sailed all the way down the Yar to the Causeway in Freshwater. There wasn’t a lot of wind so we were quite slow. We played ‘Follow the Leader’ where we had to go on a reach across the Yar and then ‘Stop/Start drill’, sailing into the wind to stop our Oppies and then turning to sail off again. After two hours on the water we came in for a debrief and a doughnut.

On the second day we played ‘Minesweeper’ We picked up the 20 tennis balls that our teacher James had dropped into the water. Then we played the best game of all; the Whistle Game. James had six different commands; the first whistle was tack, the second was jibe, third was walk around you mast…it’s not easy to keep your balance and I fell in twice. Four blasts is the command to swap boats. Bethan was near me so we had no trouble being first to switch. Five blasts is capsize and six is capsize, swim around you boat and right it! I was glad to be wearing a wet suit as the water wasn’t very warm.

We had a brilliant couple of days and I’ve booked to go again at half term and for Oppie week in the summer……can’t wait!