Dr Sid Goes On A Chalkboard Oddysey

Dr Sid Goes On A Chalkboard Oddysey

Gleaning tasty morsels for free from the roadside is one of my favourite past-times, but this week I armed my purse with hard earned cash and decided to see just what I could buy from homemade chalkboards along the roadside.

Beginning in Porchfield earlier in the week I picked up a motorcycle for a bargain from a front garden and headed out to Yarmouth, stopping to buy a rather good bearded Iris for the garden on the way.  My own beard now whipping in the wind I screeched to a halt, guinea pigs!  Safely boxed and into the pannier.

With my mind now turning to food, time to look for some eggs, free range as you like.  Goose eggs from Gatcombe?  Duck eggs from Roud?  Hens eggs from Five Houses?  Spoilt for choice, and of course none of these carry the red lion mark.  But then, having run the gauntlet of nervy GDR snipers at Checkpoint Charlie during the cold war, an unstamped egg holds little fear for Dr Sid.

Second pannier carrying eggs and a handful of dandelions for the guinea pigs I decanted my wares thus far and headed out for more.  Rhubarb, fresh as you like, from a front garden in Merstone, then roll into Godshill Organics for some cream (well they are a business but they have a chalkboard next to the road) and roll on to Whitwell.

Three jars of pickled onions, a jar of jam and two varieties of runner bean for my back garden all at one stop.  Quick U turn and into a yard sale in Rookley, alas, nothing that I can safely strap to the motorcycle and a paddling pool on my back would attract too much attention for my liking.  Returning home I have large omelettes on my mind followed by rhubarb and cream  But what about the Guinea Pigs?  I don’t like chicken…