D’think he Saw us?

D’think he Saw us?

It’s not unusual for children to have nightmares about scary monsters under their beds but  some twenty-five years ago this little nipper came home from school to find just such a beast had taken over her home.

Mrs.B digging up NeoWhat is now one of the best known large carnivorous dinosaurs in Europe, the Neovenator, used to live under my bed, in my mums wardrobe and anywhere else that there might be spare space since Neo was so big that Pa couldn’t fit all his bits into the study. Mum was not best pleased but I became quite fond of the big toothy old thing.

Thankfully, his nibs no longer lives chez Pa. He’s  housed at Dinosaur Isle where he is their prize exhibit. From the 70% of the Neovenator which Pa found, they’ve reconstructed the rest and there’s even an animatronic model if you want the full frightening effect!

If you’re down Sandown way why not pop in to Dinosaur Isle and say hi to Neo from me?