Amy’s Yarmouth way of Life….

Amy’s Yarmouth way of Life….

Saturday mornings in Yarmouth are always busy.  Weekenders catching up in the square, yachties dashing into Harwood’s chandlery for bits of rope they might need and locals collecting papers and gossiping outside The George Hotel.  A typical start to the rhythm of the weekend.

There are many good reasons to be in Yarmouth and a new shop called The Beach Hut has just added itself to the list. It’s on the High Street and the Island’s new High Sherriff, Susie Sheldon cut the very pretty blue ribbon and declared it open for business last week.  It promises to bring brands and products that reflect the Island idyll and celebrate many Island artists, craftsmen and designers.  They also are supporting UK manufacturing by making sure that 80% of their stock is made in the UK.  My children loved the bead table and the scented candles and aromatics for the home are perfect for presents.     Entering into the Yarmouth way of life has never been so easy.

This time of year also brings the challenge of the housing market – not the one that we read about in the papers, but the one that is peculiar to buying a house in a very pretty desirable location, a.k.a Yarmouth and the West Wight.  The tiniest whiff of the “for sale” scent creates a frenzy of interest. Houses located in or on the outskirts of Yarmouth are the most sought-after and being the right side of the bridge is crucial.

For the record you need to be the Yarmouth side of the bridge not the Freshwater side. These little nuances make all the difference to people in the know.   Some friends of mine are trying very hard to buy a house here so I passed on some great words of advice we were given when we arrived 17 years ago, it goes like this – find a house you like, buy something to live in then wait for the house you like to come up for sale then pounce and pay a little more than it is worth.

I’ve always said The Isle of Wight is the Nantucket of England!