And Relax……….

And Relax……….

From beautiful coastlines to buzzing events, the Island certainly has plenty to offer both it’s residents and visitors, and now I’m about to reveal another of it’s many attractions.

This Island delight is a little bit different from many of the others I’ve written about in these blogs in that you don’t have to go anywhere, in fact staying in your home or hotel is perfect, and you don’t have to expend any energy at all, yet  you get absolutely maximum results!

Intrigued? Then check out Relax Isle of Wight, the Island’s mobile spa service.

Last weekend, as a birthday treat, I experienced the most divine massage in the comfort of my own home from the owner of Relax, Hannah Davies.

Hannah already has a reputation on the Island as an excellent masseur, and it’s well deserved.

She arrived on my doorstep, massage couch and oils under her arms, and was set up in no time, ready for my treatment. After talking with me about how I was feeling (exhausted and stiff from long hours in my studio!), and checking I had no allergies, Hannah set to work, giving me the most thorough and relaxing massage over the next blissful hour and a half.  She worked her magic on my stiff and tired limbs, using aromatherapy oils, and gave the knots in my shoulders such a thorough going over that I didn’t actually recognize my body at the end. I felt really different and infinitely better!

Families being what they are, mine arrived home a little early, but Hannah was totally unfazed by my kids bursting in and demonstrating their new ‘fart’ putty to me! Once they had got over the shock of seeing me relaxing, they soon disappeared and left us alone.

She warned me that I might experience a few detox symptoms the next day as my body processed the treatment, which did happen in the form of slight flu-like symptoms, however this passed by the end of the day leaving me I feeling better than I had done for ages.

Relax offers much more than massage, and sends it’s therapists into many hotels across the Island, for a wide variety of holistic treatment and beauty services. So if you fancy treating yourself to a bit of pampering during your holiday, then this is the service for you.

As an Island resident I’ve never had a visiting massage before so it was a real luxury to have someone come to me, and to be able chill out on the sofa afterwards, staring dreamily into space.

Thanks Hannah!